Why Outsource?

Running a hotel's housekeeping department can be a very time-consuming, labour-intensive job which is why it's becoming more and more popular to outsource.

Outsourcing with Silk immediately turns your housekeeping fixed costs into variable costs. You'll never be over or understaffed, and that allows you to simplify your room servicing budgets - and avoid any overruns irrespective of occupancy.
Outsourcing does more than save money though. It also allows a hotel to streamline its operations by removing tasks that might otherwise absorb valuable in-house resources.

When you partner with Silk, we will provide you with fully-qualified housekeeping staff trained to our high standards and who understand your brand. No longer will you have to worry about recruitment, training, service quality or overstaffing.

- Service quality guaranteed

- Employment risk minimised

- Overheads reduced

- Management staff freed up

- Budgeting made easy

- Seamless brand integration