Why Silk?

It's all about attitude

Service quality guaranteed

A truly authentic
guest experience

A solution to fit your needs. (And not the other way round.)

Now there's an outsourced housekeeping service that runs as smooth as silk.
Our goal at Silk is simple. To provide your hotel with an outstanding outsourced housekeeping service which seamlessly integrates with your brand, standards and image.

Hotels depend on front-line employees to provide excellent service delivery, every time. That's why we hire for attitude.
It's essential to our success to select the best staff and ensure they understand and truly embrace your hotel's unique culture.

We dedicate ourselves to finding people with the personal qualities and values which compliment this culture.

When you partner with Silk,
we don't just talk about quality of service, we guarantee it. We understand your guests have high expectations of quality and the cleanliness of the room should never be a concern.

Our Quality Management Charter, sophisticated reporting systems and structured management processes are all designed to set high standards and make sure they're met. Our advanced reporting systems will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and be assured everything's

As a specialist housekeeping provider, we understand the quality of service delivery is critical to guest satisfaction and is therefore a key factor in generating repeat business.

We also know the importance that consistency has on the guest experience. That's why our approach
Our flexible approach and broad industry experience means we can offer you a unique solution which specifically meets your hotel's individual needs, integrates with your existing reporting systems - and always keeps you in complete control.
Every room will be serviced to your hotel's exact specifications and guests will be greeted according to your protocol, because our staff are trained to integrate seamlessly within your hotel.